and Games

Cars and trucks, board games, stuffed animals, balls, raquets, guns, water balloons, snorkels & goggles, fishing rods, minnow/butterfly nets, baby toys, geocaching trinkets, whistles, trains, four wheelers, bugs and lizards, crayons, colouring books, glue sticks and toboggans!

Come in and check it out, we probably have something to keep the kids occupied!


Big feet, blue raspberries, dinoSOURS, twists, gummy frogs, sour grapes, strawberries, peaches, sour keys and dog bones.  There's a wide variety of candy to choose from.  Grab a bucket and put all your favourites in it.  Fill it with as much or as little as you want and pay per piece.  For a quick one dollar grab bag of candy simply reach into the tazmainian Devil's mouth, if you dare!
Don't forget licorice, M&Ms and chocolate covered raisins! All the popular chocolate bars, chips and gum too.  It's a candy lover's paradise!