Since 1921

After having worked only a short time in the General Store, Fred Agnew's employer, S.W. Rynolds exclaimed "Fred, there isn't enough in this business for the both of us so you'd better take over."  With that said and no more than a verbal agreement and a handshake, Reynolds left on the next day's train. Fred's wife, Mary, learned of the transaction as the train pulled away from the station.
That was in 1921.  
The General Store then stayed in the Agnew family for 96 years.
The original store, which stood 150' south of the present building, burned in March 1938. Temporary quarters were set up in the Orange hall during summer construction and in November 1938 the store opened on it's present site.
Over the years the store has seen a few renovations. The lumber shed turned into the Garden Shed.  A couple of additions, one of which is now the post office and the new facade with the veranda across the front as it is today. The interior has been rearranged a few times to improve the display of products.  The giftware that use to be scattered throughout the store is now together at the front of the store and sections like the Cache Stash and Eileen's Ice Cream have been added.  
 Agnew's General Store has establised deep roots in a community it holds very dear to it's heart. 

The Agnew family sold in January of 2018 and look forward to what the new owner, Frank brings to Wilberforce and Agnew's General Store.