All the extras
that you may not realize we offer!

FREE WiFi - Signal spotty? We have free Wifi!

Pet Supplies -
Dog and Cat food, kitty litter, toys, treats and bones.

Pharmacy Items - Toiletries, Hygene products, Medication and First Aid products. 

Housewares -
Glasses, baking pans, kitchen tools, kettles, containers, pitchers, toater, coffee pot etc.

Local Baked Goods - Fresh cheese bread, buttertarts, chelsea buns, pies and more from B's Kitchen.

​​Canada Post Office - A full service office open Monday to Friday.
Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Friday 10:30 to 4:30, Wednesday 10:30 to 1pm, Thursday 10:30 to 6pm. 
Closed for lunch from 1pm to 1:30pm

Dry Cleaning Depot -Goes out to and comes in from Lindsay Cleaners every Monday and Thursday

Purolator Depot - Drop off and pick up your purolator parcels daily

Mineral Sites Permits - FREE permits to explore the local mineral sites.

Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour - Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour certificates, stickers, GPS rentals and information.

Coffee - Fresh brewed coffee to go

Ice - Locally produced Hyland Ice cubes and blocks.

Worms -Live wiggly worms ready to go fishing!

Firerworks - A variety of fireworks, sparklers, glow sticks and firedust

Locally Produced Products - Locally produced maple syrup, greeting cards, soap, survivor bracelets, preserves & honey.

Maps & Brochures - Fishing maps, trail maps, ATV maps, brochures and bus. cards

Newspapers - Toronto Star daily, year round, Globe and Mail in the summer as
well as the local papers weekly, The Haliburton Echo, Bancroft Times,
Bancroft This Week and The Highlander

Magazines - Monthly magazines for a variety of interests, including adult colouring books, crossword puzzles and activity books.

Local Interest Books - Books by local authors and books about the area, past and present.

B.E.A.R. Books (Borrow. Enjoy. And. Return.) Donated books are sold for a quarter and hopefully they are returned and donated again! All funds raised are donated to local volunteer groups like Figure Skating and Minor Hockey.